You know your crazy aunt with hair from decades ago or that friend that you love dearly but still uses drug store cement to style their hair?! Well, here’s an idea, hook them up with some hair services or products for the holidays. Sometimes we are a little more savvy than our loved ones when it comes to hair and the gift of good hair is a great way to spread that knowledge without needing to have that super uncomfortable conversation with them. When it comes to shortcomings in peoples hair knowledge it can be a myriad of things. From a bad haircut, unflattering color, dry or damaged hair, frizzy hair, or even just not knowing how to style their hair, lets break down some great ways to give your loved ones a hair boost this holiday season.

#1 – The Haircut

Let’s start with what I think is probably the biggest culprit of bad hair. The haircut. Oftentimes our loved ones can become stuck with a haircut that maybe once worked for them but clearly no longer does. People become comfortable with the haircut and the salon that they go to and it is almost like they have blinders on when it comes to what actually their hair looks like. Price can also be a big concern when it comes to haircuts. I truly do believe that it’s not the actual price that bothers people but actually understanding the value of the higher price that is the problem. If someone has never ventured out to a nicer establishment with a higher price point then they probably don’t realize what paying that little extras can do for their hair. Here’s where you come in. Get them a gift card for a haircut with your stylist or with someone more qualified to update their look, they fall in love with their new hair, you feel better about hanging out with them, they continue to see the new stylist, and everyone is happy and fabulous!

#2 – The Color

Have those peeps in your inner circle that have hair color that is not really working for them? Convincing a good friend or family member to see a new colorist can be a difficult task. Lots of factors including price, loyalty, and just plain fear can play into this dilemma. If price is an issue, there are many current trends in hair color out there today that can be very low maintenance (2-3 visits/year) and will probably equal out to what they are currently paying for there hair anyway. Balayage and rooted hair looks can be very low maintenance and are still very on trend in hair color today. If you are considering treating your loved one to a new hair color, a great way to ease their nerves will be to show them the instagram page of the stylist you are taking them to and have them go through and pick a couple looks on that page that they love and then you can both rest assured that the stylist is capable of accomplishing that look. Bring some color into both of your holiday seasons!

#3 – The Treatment

Sometimes one can have a great haircut and color but the condition of their hair can be the actual problem. Whether dry, damaged, frizzy, or just plain dull, there are many different treatments that you can gift to them to help get their hair back to looking fabulous. Here in Vegas we live in a very dry climate and dry hair is a problem for most. Giving your loved one the gift of moisture can be a really nice treat. Stylists offer a variety of moisturizing masques and treatments that can help with the excessive dryness. Paired with a blowout and style this can be a great gift. Although dryness is quite a big problem here in Las Vegas & Summerlin, damage can also be an issue for people.

If you have that person in your life that is bleach or flat iron happy, chances are they could use a nice protein strengthening treatment to build up the muscle in there hair a bit. If unsure of what treatment is actually best, leave that up to the stylist. During the consultation they can chat with each other and decide what would be the best for their hair at that time. Now lets’ talk frizz. It’s a thing and especially during the winter months, it’s not going away. A great way to combat that is a Brazilian Blowout or Keratin Treatment. Oftentimes people don’t even know these are out there and what they do for the hair. These are great for reducing frizz and cutting blow dry time in almost half. They are not meant to straighten but just to smooth. Treatments like Brazilian Blowout and Keratin can last up to 4-5 months in the hair depending on which treatment is used on the hair. These treatments can honestly be life changing to clients. People love the way the hair feels and how manageable the hair is after being treated. Give the gift of smooth hair.

#4 – The Blow-Dry / Style

Now there is that friend that does everything right. Haircut, color, products, etc, but can’t style their hair for nothing. This can be an affordable and super valuable gift for someone. When giving the gift you can tell them to book it for a day that they want their hair to be looking perfect but the biggest value can be that the stylist can help to teach them how to achieve the look they want so that they can learn to replicate it at home and step up their daily styling game.

#5 – The Product

Last but certainly not least are products. This happens so often out there. People are using the wrong products for their hair type. With so many options out there it can be very overwhelming and people tend to be afraid to try new things because they are just unsure how it will work for them. It is a great idea to talk to your stylist about your loved ones hair, what you perceive to be the issues with the current products they are using and get some professional recommendations for them. Holiday gift sets are available at both LOOK Style Society locations (Town Square and Tivoli Village) and can be a great way to get them to try out a new hair system and the fact that they are discounted in the sets is great for you the gift giver.

Although we just talked about hair specifically today, some of our loved ones are amazing with their hair and need no help at all. In this case, nail services, massage, facial, body treatment, lashes, or makeup can be the perfect gift for them to help get them feeling wonderful going into the new year. If you have any questions or need some help on who to set your loved one up with this holiday season feel free to reach out to our front desk and they will help you every step of the way. Giving the gift of beauty can be such a wonderful way to help your loved one boost there self confidence and face the new year with a positive light. Happy gift giving friends!

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