Is the thought of having the perfect hairstyle for homecoming literally making you just want to go home? Well snap out of it sis! We got you. We know balancing a busy new school year along with finding the ultimate dress, having perfect makeup, and of course deciding who is lucky enough to take you can be very overwhelming, so we are here to help make your hair goals a reality. Whether you are a hairstyling genius, or you struggle while even using a brush, we’ve got some great suggestions and tips to make sure you are looking your most fabulous on the night of homecoming. From simple, chic, playful, classic, or super extra. Here are some suggestions that are all the rage in homecoming hair today.

#1 – Cornrows

For those who are serving up a dramatic eye look, cornrows off the face are a perfect way to feature your stunning makeup. Leaving your natural texture out towards the bottom makes this look very fresh and current. With a few tutorials and a lot of patience this look is doable yourself but if time is money in your world, let a pro knock it out for you.

#2 – Vintage Waves

Classic vintage waves are always in style and will forever exude glamour. If your hair has some natural curl to it then you should be able to achieve this look by setting your hair in rollers overnight and thoroughly brushing and shaping with a boar bristle brush when completely dry. If your hair is straight and curl challenged, book an appointment and skip the stress.

#3 – Pinned Back

Rocking a long bob these days? A great way to elevate this look for a formal event is to pin one side back or tuck behind the ear and secure with a few bobby pins .You can even add a braid in there to give it some extra texture, for the rest of the hair just throw in some beach waves and boom you’ve leveled up. Practice makes perfect and we have faith that this one could be done at home.

#4 – Up-Do’s

Updos are a staple when it comes to homecoming hairstyles but make sure you are keeping it looking loose, fresh, and textured. We don’t want you looking like a bore now do we? Keeping your hair up and away from the neck and face can mean less fuss throughout the night. Although the hair looks pretty simple and thrown up there is a lot involved in achieving this look so we suggest booking an appointment with your local up-styling specialist.

#5 – Slicked Back

Although simple in concept, this slicked back look is serving high fashion and definitely get heads turning. We are seeing a lot of wet slick backed looks on the runways of Paris and NY. Using a medium hold gel that doesn’t flake and some strong hold hairspray this look can easily be done by you.

#6 – High Ponytail

What’s hotter than a high ponytail? Yes we are still rocking it and it is honestly a showstopper. Make sure to comb and set all the hair tightly back with a strong hold hairspray. Also adding extensions to the ponytail will give it all the extra life it deserves!

#7 – Faux Bob

Wanna shock them all?? Turn your long hair into a faux bob (fake bob) and you will be turning heads all night. There are plenty of tutorials out there that will help you to create this look but it can prove to be difficult on certain hair types and densities. If that is the case leave it to the professionals.

#8 – Space Buns

Space Buns!! Not just for Coachella and EDC. This hairstyle looks adorable with a dress and some Doc Martens! Curl and slightly tease the hair before putting up and you will get lots of volume and texture to make this look out of this world!

#9 – Beach Waves

If keeping it simpler and more romantic is your thing, wearing your hair down with some textured beach waves is a great way to show you didn’t try too hard. Adding a braid in there somewhere can elevate it slightly from your everyday waves. A nice sea salt spray or texture hairspray is a great way to get it perfectly messy and undone.

#10 – Glitter Roots

Glitter roots for the win!! Go big or go home with this sparkling statement. Start with a little at a time and keep going until you are the magical unicorn that you always wanted to be. If you are using a dry glitter, use a tacky wet hairspray on the area you will apply first and immediately add glitter afterwards to ensure it will stick.

We know it can be overwhelming trying to decide what is in your skill set as well as your budget but get your hands in your hair and start playing and we bet you will be surprised at what you can achieve. Don’t forget a few essentials to keep that hair looking on point throughout the night. A dry light hold hairspray in a travel size can help with fly a ways and unruly pieces throughout the night. A pintail comb is a great tool to keep handy as well to smooth out any snags or to lift up some teasing that has fallen flat. Last but certainly not least be sure to pick a hairstyle that you are confident wearing and that you are in love with. Nothing beats a confident woman with some stunning hair. If you are LOOKing for any professional hair help, feel free to stop by our hair and make-up salon in Town Square or our Summerlin location inside Tivoli Village Las Vegas. Happy Homecoming!