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Dear LOOK Style Society Artists at Town Square,

As you are all aware, we have been operating our beautiful salon in Tivoli for over five years now. During that time we have been enduring an offensive cigar odor permeating our space to the degree it is significantly harming our business, our brand, and our Tivoli Artists business. We have received hundreds of complaints from Tivoli Artists, their customers, and LOOK, customers. As you may or may not be aware, we sued Tivoli ownership and La Casa regarding the cigar smell three years prior to the mandatory Covid closure. That case was settled in the interest of all parties with the hopes that we could continue to operate without any issues.

Unfortunately, since LOOK reopened, there have been over fifty individual complaints evidenced by sworn affidavits by the individuals complaining about the cigar odor. We have attempted to work with the Landlord and La Casa to mitigate the cigar smell, but nothing has been resolved. Consequently, we sued Tivoli ownership and La Casa again a few months ago mandating they mitigate the cigar odor. Even after LOOK filed a second lawsuit, they refuse to admit there is cigar odor in the LOOK space.

As the managers of the LOOK locations and the LOOK Artist community, we have an obligation to Tivoli Artists to provide a smoke-free, cigar-odor-free environment. We have invested millions of dollars to build a beautiful space reflecting the talents we have. LOOK cannot continue its business with the noxious odors emanating from La Casa. Based on Tivoli’s ownership and La Casa refusing to mitigate the cigar odor we will be closing the Tivoli location at the end of March. We will be offering all Tivoli Artists the opportunity to relocate to our Town Square location at a reduced rate until we open a future location. We are very saddened to close our Tivoli location and we understand the inconvenience this will cause our Artists and their clients. However, we can no longer tolerate subjecting Tivoli Artists and their clients to an environment with noxious cigar odors. Please reach out to Paula directly if you have any questions

Thank you,
Paula and Chris