Since you’re already changing your wardrobe and preparing to make yourself warm and cozy for the fall, why not give your hair color an upgrade as well?

You may have heard that red is all the rage this year, and fall is no exception.

From golden copper to spiced cherry red to deep auburn, going red this fall is not a one-color-fits all approach.

Woman with red fall hair color

With endless options of how to make red suit your desired look and match the changing leaves around you, speaking with a knowledgeable stylist should be your next step in finding the perfect tone.

While red may be enjoying its time in the spotlight, it is certainly not your only option for a stunning fall hair color. Check out these 5 fall hair color trends and see which one suits you best:

1. Soft Lights

Think balayage, but with a much more subtle approach. These lovely highlights are a great way to experiment with the color and tone of your hair.

Soft lights hair color inspiration

2. Rich Brunette

Don’t be afraid to embrace your natural brunette side with this look, which adds a few subtle highlights to give the hair more vibrancy and play with tones.

3. Copper

Bright and bold copper hair is all the rage this season. Definitely try this one if you want a sexier look!

4. Caramel

If you’re not ready to let go of your blonde look, soften it up with a nice toasted caramel shade to add more depth to your hair color.

5. Brunette with Cherry Accents

Love your dark roots? Then add some subtle cherry or red accents to spruce things up this fall.

Brunette with cherry accents hair color inspiration

Feeling inspired? LOOK Style Society is here to help you change your hair color this fall! Learn more about our leading hair color services and how we can help you reach your desired look.

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