This year The People’s Choice Awards were held in Los Angeles on November 10th, 2019. The stars were out and so was their hair, so let’s dish! There were plenty of fabulous hair-do’s but there were also a decent amount of hair don’t’s! When it comes to this award show in particular, I will say that there are such a variety of different types of celebrities attending from reality stars, to musicians, athletes, and even social media influencers, that not one style or dress code is expected. Let’s just look at these heads of hair and see if they are giving us life or just sucking the life out of us.

Kyle Richards – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I’m just going to start out strong here. This woman slayed with this hair! This is so fresh and so current and still looks classy and red carpet appropriate. Kyle is known for her long gorgeous hair but with this haircut and shape, it is next level. These swoopy curtain bangs are so current right now and frame her face perfectly. I am also in love with the layers and slight waves throughout the hair that give it texture and volume. This hair is so shagadelic and I am here for it!

Rachel Levin – Social Media Influencer

Now lets get one thing straight, I live for a fierce high ponytail, but umm not this one. I can see where Rachel and her crew were going with this but it just didn’t hit the nail on the head. With the center part, and the separated front and back halves it is just too symmetrical for my liking and does nothing for her face shape. I would have preferred to see the front half pulled away from the face and would have loved to have seen some texture added in throughout the hair. The color is actually really pretty but is also lacking some shine. It’s a no for me.

Zendaya – Actress & Singer

YASSSS!!! Zendaya is slaying in this top knot moment. This is so gorgeous on her. This is done with the perfect amount of details paired with the perfect amount of restraint. The twisted knot is just enough to give it a red carpet feel but the real shining moment for this hairdo in my opinion is the natural texture and slight frizziness of the look. It looks so effortless and chic and is celebrating her natural texture as it should. Absolutely stunning!

Paige – WWE Wrestler

No. No. No. Someone please tell me she was invited to the red carpet 10 minutes prior to taking this picture and she had to style her hair with a dinglehopper while blindfolded in the bed of a pickup truck, otherwise I am lost as to how this was let out to see the light. Where do I begin, her color should have been touched up on the roots prior to being photographed on the red carpet, there are visible bobby pins on the side of her hair which I am not even sure what their purpose is, and some of the hair has a slight wave pattern but not all of it. Last but certainly not least are these extensions. I mean, it’s clear that they were going for an ombré effect but fell waaaaay short. Ombré means to have a gradient blend or shading affect. This here, let’s just refer to as a “Non-bre’”.

Jennifer Aniston – Everybody’s Friend

Now this is a gorgeous head of hair. Jen doesn’t really take any big risks with her hair but when its right, its right! The haircut is gorgeously layered and textured to give her lots of movement and lightness.  The color: perfection. This sunny mix of subtle caramels, coppers, and blondes is really beautiful. The small yet impactful blonde “money piece” framing her face gives her the perfect amount of brightness to showcase her glowing skin. In today’s hair color world, clients often tend to always want a cooler, ashy tone and that always isn’t the best for the situation. Jen’s hair is warm, golden, and full of sunshine just like her.

Gwen Stefani – Just a Girl

Now let me start by stating that Ms. Stefani is one of my absolute favorite style icons. Ever!

She has such a unique style that is most often bold & graphic with a little punk rock and a little vintage glam always mixed in. That being said, I am already mad at myself for saying this but this hair does nothing for me, or her for that matter. Gwen received the fashion icon award and her hair did not live up to the fun Vera Wang dress she wore on the carpet. Gwen is so notorious for gorgeous vintage rolls, and beautiful sculpted up-do’s and I feel that this looked called for that. This long flat hair is really dumbing down the whole look in my opinion. If they wanted to keep it all down like this I think it could have used a larger wave up front and stronger “S” wave throughout. This hair is bananas and not hella good.

KJ Apa – Actor

This is so cool. I love it when someone can take social norms and throw them out the window. KJ’s fiery copper hair is so striking on his pale skin and against this pink suit it is perfection. Although just about every man in Hollywood colors their hair, not many do it in a way that makes a statement like this. His hair is so dope and I hope that other young actors can take note and step out of their box a bit and get creative with the hues of their locks.

The Kardashians – America’s favorite family to keep up with…

Ever changing and ever evolving, these lovely ladies always serve up fresh looks to keep us chomping at the bit. Overall, I think they look really great on the People’s Choice Red Carpet. Kris Jenner rocks a pixie cut like no other. Her hair is always full of texture and movement and never looks over styled and that makes it a winner in my book. Kourtney looks really stunning in this low slicked back ponytail. She is showing a lot of skin and taking the hair away from her face was a great way to showcase that beautiful glow of hers. We aren’t talking fashions today but I do have to say that suit is killer too!

Khloe’s bright blond locks are a little too bright for my taste. I feel like a little more color in that blonde and some added root shadow and lowlights would really help compliment her skin tone instead of wash her out. Khloe to me always looks best in a beachy, bright face framed balayage. Kim has really been looking gorgeous lately and this look is no exception. The long dark hair with some wavy texture is giving me gorgeous Armenian mermaid goddess. Simple, chic, and stunning is what Kim is serving on this red carpet. These ladies have been in the game for a minute now but are still slaying them all!

Pink – Badass

Pink is so cool, in so many ways and usually can get away with whatever she wants. I love that Pink has rocked different versions and colors of this short hair. I am a bit torn about this look because I do really like the cut on her. I like the soft wave in the front in contrast to the shaved sides. It’s the color I’m not too sure about. The silver toned blonde hair feels a bit dated to me and I think that a bright blonde is that way to go for this chic. She is such a striking woman and her beautiful face is always showcased with her short hair but with all the warmth in her skin and makeup and the blush color of the top, the hair color is just fighting all of that with its cool, ashy tone.

This year’s People’s Choice Awards have come and gone and it was really a mix bag. There were definitely some high points where we got a glimpse of where hairstyling can be headed for 2020 and there was also some misses that just seemed a bit dated and stuck in a time that is no longer. Lucky for all of these stunning people there is always the next red carpet where they can get their redemption.

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