It’s that time of year again, Halloween!!! The time of year when we can be the most ridiculous version of ourselves and dress up in costumes that would never earn you a paycheck or respect for that matter in your day to day life. These days between pumpkin spice mania and Halloween themed everything, if you’re not living a Halloween themed lifestyle for the entire month of October, are you even living?? We’ve created a list of hot trending Halloween ideas from nails to costumes that you can both do yourself and those that require the finesse of a pro. Don’t be that person and get into the spirit witches!

These days a hot set of nails are everything. As we see the rise in popularity in longer nails, we also see some cool stuff hitting the streets as far as nail shapes and nail art go. With Halloween just around the corner in Las Vegas, I have some hot nail art looks that are sure to get you and everyone around you in the Halloween spirit.

Disclaimer!!: Nail art is often difficult to pull off for the inexperienced so I would recommend making your appointment at Town Square (Las Vegas Strip) or Tivoli Village (Summerlin Area) quickly with your favorite nail artist to get these done right.

las vegas nails

For the wicked and daring at heart this Ouija inspired set is awesome! They will give you that old school Halloween feel without looking too bright or childish and you never know, maybe they could be used for other Halloween activities as well.

When it comes to Halloween, no other colors are more classic than orange and black. The classics never die and will always work but a great way to change them up a bit are to get a coffin shaped nail and maybe use a glitter neon orange, a matte black, and add some nail art to just a couple of the nails.

manicure artist
professional nails

For the playful at heart or for our younger nail lovers, a playful set with some less spooky art is a bright and bold way to show your Halloween spirit. Pumpkins, eyeballs, Frankenstein, black cats, witch hats, and spiderwebs are all fun and spirited ways to amp up your Vegas manicure or pedicure.

For you horror film lovers, this clear set with silver and black daggers are awesome and surely no one is bound to mess with you when rocking these.

specialty nails
professional manicure

Candy Corn! Love it or hate it, it is a Halloween staple and isn’t going away anytime soon. What makes this set so fun is the bright colors of the candy corns and it also is very current with all of the hot ombre effects we are seeing done in nail art these days.

This is Halloween! This is Halloween! If you are anything like me, The Nightmare Before Christmas is the ultimate Halloween movie and there is nothing cooler than a rad set adorned with Jack and Sally. This movie is filled with so much awesome imagery from Tim Burton that the possibilities are endless, my advice is to let your Las Vegas Nail Artist go for it with this one and I’m sure they will have some stuff under there sleeve that you didn’t even think of. Professional manicure and pedicure tech’s love designs that are outside the box.

vegas nail tech
powder dip nails

A beige nude nail is super on trend right now so getting them shaped into claws and adding some blood will totally get you in the Halloween mood. Feel free to play around with powder dip, matte and glossy nail designs.

These days everyone knows a good trick or two about makeup and it can be fun to take these skills and apply them to a wacky and fun Halloween look. Although I do believe nothing is impossible, some makeup looks are harder than they appear and probably would be best left to a professional beauty artist, especially in Las Vegas! I say give it a shot at home on a practice run and if you are nowhere close and are afraid to step out on Halloween looking a hot mess, hang up your brushes and make an appointment at Town Square or Tivoli Village to get it done right.

One of my favorite makeup looks that we have seen gaining popularity in the past couple Halloweens are a pop art inspired look. This look is super graphic and bursts with bright color all while still looking sexy and chic. Depending on your skill level, this look is manageable on your own but if perfection and first place in the costume contest is what you are looking for then maybe leave the painting to someone else.

professional makeup artist
las vegas makeup artist

What is more classic than a skeleton on Halloween? Well these things never get old but a great way to bring this into today and keep It trendy and hot is to do half of your face in the skeleton paint and the other half in your most dramatic going out on the Vegas strip glam. With some practice, skeleton paint is not that difficult and I’m confident you can do this one yourself.

If a full face of a skeleton is what you want, then go for it though! A great way to make this festive in Las Vegas is to add some color to it is to create a Dia De Los Muertos sugar skull look. With some colorful flowers and sparkly jewels your look will be stunning.

halloween make-up
makeup application

If something less scary and cuter is more your speed, maybe doing an animal face paint but slightly elevated will give you something a little extra this Halloween. Applying your regular glam and then adding some animal elements will give you a sexy yet playful look. If you want to take your commitment to your look a bit further, continue your makeup down your neck and onto your shoulders and chest.

Sally is a sure classic for Halloween that always is a hit at a party. An awesome way to amp up this look and make it look even more like the animation is to paint your eyes with your actual eyes closed to create these very large peepers that Sally has. With a little practice this look can be something you can do at home, just don’t forget the lashes above the eye to finish the look.

halloween makeup ideas

When you and your gang get together for a night out on the Las Vegas Strip or local party, coordinating your costumes will always make a big impact when heading out for Halloween. Below are some great ideas for some DIY costume looks that you and your buds can create yourselves. Hitting up your local thrift stores is a great way to piece together these looks for a fraction of the price that it would costume to order them online.

scooby doo halloween

Zoinks!! The gang from Scooby Doo is an awesome idea for a group of friends. Everyone remembers this fun bunch and these outfits are made up of a bunch of basic pieces that shouldn’t be difficult to find at all.

I put a spell on you! The Sanderson sister from Hocus Pocus are a fun group to dress up as for Halloween. These girls were zany and over the top and what better to be for Halloween than a crazy witch.

hocus pocus costume
vegas hair and makeup

If sexy is what you are serving for Halloween, a group of sexy superheroes is a great way to be a tough cookie but still show off those assets.

Oompa Loompa doompady doo. I’ve got another costume for you! The cast of Willy Wonka! For a family or a group of teens, this movie covered all age ranges and is always a hit. A group of just Oompa Loompas is really fun too!

professional makeup vegas

Remember heading out on Halloween should be fun and not stressful, so make sure to pick stuff within your budget and time frame to create. Being comfortable-ish should be something to consider as well. You want to be able last all night in your look and not be that person that was only dressed up for the first 5 minutes of the party. If you need any assistance with hair, makeup, or nails, make sure to lock in an appointment with a professional stylist at the salon. LOOK Style Society’s Town Square salon has extended hours (9AM-6PM) and some artists are available until 9P.M. Our Tivoli Village salon is open late from 8.A.M to 9P.M. Monday through Friday, 9AM-9PM on Saturday and 9AM-6PM on Sundays.

For any hair, make-up, nails or general beauty service questions, call us at (702) 712-4345 (Town Square) and (702) 786-0055 (Tivoli Village – Summerlin).

Happy Halloween Witches!!!!