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LOOK Style Society has suites and stations for rent at both Tivoli (Summerlin) and Town Square (Las Vegas Strip) locations in Las Vegas. We are also currently hiring commission stylists, nail techs, beauty advisors and housekeeping staff.

LOOK Style Society is your new home for all things beauty

About LOOK Style Society

LOOK Style Society is a revolutionary new concept in the world of beauty destinations, offering a variety of services for hair, skin, nails, and shopping within a single location. The flagship location, which was centrally established in Town Square Las Vegas on “The Strip” in February 2014, offers a variety of services from Botox to blowouts and everything in between. The second location, opened in October 2015, resides within Summerlin’s prestigious Tivoli Village. The ultra-chic environment features a fashion-forward array of beauty services and products.

Our destinations are home to hair stylists, nail artists, men’s grooming specialists, makeup artists, and more – all under one roof! We like to refer to LOOK as beauty central. Our mission is to be the locale for upkeep of beauty and pampering so that your clients never have to leave.

  • LOOK helps you build your book
  • We promote a positive environment with team mixers, education, and marketing help.
  • Rent your very own suite inside of LOOK Style Society.

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The New Generation

Fresh out of school? New to Las Vegas? LOOK welcomes the young and hungry like you. We help you build your book with our constant flow of walk-ins, starting you with base pay or commission. Before you know it, those walk-ins will become repeat customers who ask for you by name. Book them!

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Those Looking for a Change

Working within a bad culture, no consumer appeal, no marketing help, low morale, at a growth plateau – all the above?! All signs that your current locale isn’t making the cut. Not only are our spaces beautiful, we promote a positive environment with complimentary team mixers, education, and voluntary marketing help so you can show your work off to potential and existing clients to help boost your income!

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Those Ready to Own

You have a full book. You’re ready to hire an assistant or an apprentice. You could thrive working with another talent as great as you. You have a vision for your brand but don’t want to deal with all of the overhead. Time to open up shop! At this point, you can rent your very own suite inside of LOOK. The business is all yours to run and therefore reap the vast majority of the rewards. LOOK simply provides the space and infrastructure for you to do what you do best. LOOK continues to market the overall brand and location so you can grow at your own pace.

  • Hair, makeup, and tanning salon
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Growth and Stability

It’s tough to focus on your craft when you aren’t sure about the organization surrounding you. LOOK Style Society is a well-established salon in the high-end beauty market. Rest assured that the building will stand, the lights will stay on, and people will know that you are a serious stylist simply because you rent here.


It’s important for you to do what you’re best at, and that’s taking care of your clients. Let our support staff handle some of the small things that make such a huge difference to your business. You’ll have full front desk, retail, marketing and back bar support from our team.


As a stylist, you are your business. We want you to thrive, so we will not get in your way. We simply provide the space and infrastructure that helps you run an efficient business the way you want to.


LOOK provides continued education on top products and from top educators to keep you exposed to the latest industry trends. We’ll give you the tools and let your creativity run free.


Events are a great way to connect with the community and gain new clients. LOOK organizes events in order for all staff and renters to meet new people, have fun, and earn more business.


A brand name and logo speaks volumes. Let our brand be your brand. Customers are drawn to your personal touch as a beauty professional, and they are drawn to the overall feel of LOOK as a lifestyle luxury.