Town Square / Las Vegas Strip Location

Our Town Square location is also known as the Las Vegas Strip. This location offers salon and spa services with a unique set of specialized teams. All stylists are top rated in their fields and collectively offer a large range of beauty services to meet your individual needs. Drop by for a visit to get a feel for our chic and inclusive environment. The space is designed specifically to support relaxation and leave you feeling rejuvenated.


6539 Las Vegas Blvd South Suite 11
Las Vegas, NV 89119

The major cross streets are Las Vegas Boulevard (“The Strip”) and Sunset Rd. You will find us inside Town Square Las Vegas, located behind Bonefish Grill & Flemings Steakhouse, adjacent to the North Garage.


Enjoy plentiful covered parking in the adjacent North Garage, street parking, or valet. Valet is open Monday through Friday from 4pm-10pm, and Saturday to Sunday from noon – 10pm.

Tanning Service Icon

Andi - Tanning

Andrea Miller Headshot

Andrea Miller - Skin

Andrew Whiteman Headshot

Andrea Whiteman - Hairstylist

Angelo Denofrio Headshot

Angelo Denofrio - Hairstylist


April Joy - Hairstylist

Charles Azzi Headshot

Charles Azzi - Hairstylist

Nails Icon at look style society town square las vegas best best beauty salon spa and barber

Chelsea Grance - Nails

Hair and makeup icon

Christie Marie Sanders - Hairstylist

Memberships Icon

Danica Rivera - Assistant Operations Manager

Darlene Gahagan Headshot

Darlene Gahagan - Nails

Dee Arrington - Hair Stylist

Esmerelda Miranda Headshot

Esmerelda Miranda - Hairstylist

Evelyn Vazquez Headshot

Evelyn Vazquez - Hairstylist

Heidi Weist Headshot

Heidi Wiest - Hairstylist

Henry Ta Headshot

Henry Ta - Hairstylist

Jenna S Headshot

Jenna S - Hairstylist

Jennifer Hicks Headshot

Jennifer Hicks - Skin

Jennifer Mercier Headshot

Jennifer Mercier - Hairstylist

Jenny Arce Headshot

Jenny Arce - Hairstylist

Jeremy Landeen Headshot

Jeremy Landeen - Hairstylist

Jessica Flores Headshot

Jessica Flores-Rosales - Nails

Jessica Gray Headshot

Jessica Gray - Hairstylist

John Roberts

John Roberts - Hairstylist

Nails Icon at look style society town square las vegas best best beauty salon spa and barber

Jules Robbins - Nails

KC Magrabi Headshot

KC Magrabi - Hairstylist

Kelcie Nielson Headshot

Kelcie Neilson - Hairstylist

Keshia Paulo

Keshia Paulo - Hairstylist

Skin Service Icon

Lucas Fiola - Laser Technician

Madison Ramano Headshot

Madison Ramano-Henderson - Hairstylist

Marjan Farahzadi Headshot

Marjan Farahzadi - Hairstylist

Melanie Carlton Headshot

Melanie Carlton - Hairstylist

Melanie Lucero Headshot

Melanie Lucero - Hairstylist

Skin Service Icon

Mimi Shihady - Esthetician

Mina Joseph - Hairstylist

Nicole Taylor Headshot

Nicole Taylor - Nails

Paul Juma Headshot

Paul Juma - Hairstylist

Memberships Icon

Paula Lean - General Manager

Ponphelia Deniz Headshot

Ponphelia Deniz - Hairstylist

Sandra Wilson Headshot

Sandra Wilson - Hairstylist

Susie Garcia Headshot

Susie Garcia - Nails

Tanya Beldin Headshot

Tanya Beldin - Hairstylist

Tasha Scissorhands

Tasha Scissorhands - Hairstylist

Tatianna Martinez - Hairstylist

Tracy Basner Headshot

Tracy Basner - Hairstylist