Tivoli Village

LOOK Style Society’s Tivoli Village location is a spacious and proactive salon and spa. Here, you will meet a series of highly skilled teams in all areas of our beauty services, ranging from makeup to hairstyling, men’s grooming to nail care. Connect with your personal favorite stylists and trust that you will always leave looking and feeling beautiful. We invite you to drop in to experience the T.V. location for yourself, and to explore the biographies of our expert stylists.


430 S Rampart Blvd
Suite #150
Las Vegas, NV 89145


Enjoy covered parking in the underground garage with convenient elevator and escalator access to Tivoli’s shopping center. On the ground level, complimentary Valet Service is available Monday- Thursday 10am-8pm, Friday-Saturday 10am-9pm, and Sunday 11am-6pm. There is also a convenient drop-off/pick-up location at the Porta Fontana (main entrance roundabout).

Amy Snyder - Hairstylist

Ana Rivas - Hairstylist

Anadel Harden - Hairstylist

Angela Lorenzo Headshot

Angela Lorenzo - Professional Med Spa

Hair and makeup icon

Anthony Goble - Hairstylist

Araceli Golshan - Hairstylist

Arianna Barone Hairstylist

Arianna Barone - Hairstylist

Audra Bailey Hairstylist

Audra Liberatore - Hairstylist

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Becka Sherman - General Manager

Briana Hairstylist

Briana - Hairstylist

Casey Hunt Headshot

Casey Hunt - Men's Stylist

Charlena Cull Hairstylist

Charlena Cull - Hairstylist

Men's Grooming Icon

Chelsea Coleman - Men's Stylist

Connie Phillips Headshot

Connie Phillips - Men's Stylist

Nails Icon at look style society town square las vegas best best beauty salon spa and barber

Courtney Evans - Nails

Skin Service Icon

Cristina Molina - Esthetician

David Quan Hairstylist

David Quan - Hairstylist

Deannicka Warburton Hairstylist

Deannicka Warburton - Hairstylist

Dunia Antunez Hairstylist

Dunia Antunez - Esthetician

Hair and makeup icon

Elie Tabachry - Hairstylist

Esther Gosser Hairstylist

Esther Gosser - Hairstylist

Gabrielle Miller Hairstylist

Gabrielle Miller - Hairstylist

Giselle Coto Hairstylist

Giselle Coto - Hairstylist

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Hayley Judson - Assistant General Manager

Holly Christensen Hairstylist

Holly Christensen - Hairstylist

Jennifer Folk Hairstylist

Jennifer Folk - Hairstylist

Jewels Nelson Headshot

Jewels Nelson - Nails

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Joanna Ingram - Artistic Director Ready Betty Lounge

Hair and makeup icon

Kristy Yordanov - Hairstylist

Ladonna Muhammad Hairstylist

LaDonna Muhammad - Hairstylist

Leslie Rash Hairstylist

Leslie Rash - Hairstylist

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Lisa Pasta - Hairstylist

Lori Rey Hairstylist

Lori Rey - Hairstylist

Hair and makeup icon

Madison Means-Alvarez - Hairstylist

Maggie Fitzgerald Headshot

Maggie Fitzgerald - Hairstylist

Megan Barre Headshot

Megan Barre - Hairstylist

Men's Grooming Icon

Melanie Sherburne - Men's Stylist

Michael Bandy Headshot

Michael Bandy - Artistic Director Tower Club

Michelle Hart Headshot

Michelle Hart - Hairstylist

Hair and makeup icon

Monisa Hernandez - Hairstylist

Nazzi Naderi Headshot

Nazzi Naderi - Hairstylist

Nicholas Fascia Headshot

Nicholas Fascia - Hairstylist

Nicole Headshot

Nicole - Hairstylist

Nails Icon at look style society town square las vegas best best beauty salon spa and barber

Roxy Harris - Nails

Roy Christensen Headshot

Roy Christensen - Hairstylist

Samantha Brandin Headshot

Samantha Brandin - Hairstylist

Hair and makeup icon

Sandra Sartini - Hairstylist

Nails Icon at look style society town square las vegas best best beauty salon spa and barber

Saundrea Griffin - Nail Technician

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Shelby Roberts - Hairstylist

Svetlana Georgieva Headhshot

Svetlana Georgieva - Esthetician

Nails Icon at look style society town square las vegas best best beauty salon spa and barber

Takeila Peebles - Nail Technician

Taneisha Barrow Headshot

Taneisha Barrow - Esthetician

Hair and makeup icon

Tausana Tausinga - Hairstylist

Wendy Tonwnsend Headshot

Wendy Townsend - Hairstylist